About Us

Here’s the bottom line: ATS provides the highest quality wheelchair conversions at a price you can afford.

Beyond the quality and affordability, we’re a company with a mission to bring safe, reliable transportation to individuals needing wheelchair-accessible vehicles. We’re family-owned, value-centered, customer-oriented and reliable. We offer warranties that are the best in the industry, and we provide free delivery to the Louisville, KY or Nashville, TN airports.

Origins and Time-Tested Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles

ATS originally designed the rear-entry conversion vans for daily use on medical transportation routes in 2004. The simple but commercially built wheelchair accessible vans were tested for reliability daily through excruciating medical transportation routes for over three years. We quickly realized the design was reliable and very easy to use. We have strived to help families all across the country who have loved ones who require assisted transportation. It has become our mission to meet individual customer needs while keeping our prices the lowest on the market.

A Focus on Safety

Keeping our customers safe is our highest priority. Our rear-entry vehicles have successfully completed crash testing at the MGA research facility in Burlington, Wisconsin and were able to withstand all three of the impact tests performed. Our wheelchair vehicles not only meet or exceed all federal motor vehicle safety standards, but also validate our statement that our vehicles are the highest quality vehicles on the market yet affordable.



We’ve Excelled in Tests Across the Board:


Our crash test results highlight the durability and strength we put into each and every conversions to keep our customers safe.